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  • I have been meaning to update the linux virtual machine images with newer versions but have been too busy so far, however managed to get a breather at work thanks to the post Holidays slump 🙂 So here is an vm with the latest version of Slackware 64bit v13.1. Slackware Linux VM Configuration Distribution: 13.1 […]

  • an awesome new feature in the just released ESXi 4.1 is the ability to do PXE boot and script the install using a kick-start script. If you looking for information on how to do this see here at billhill’s post. http://communities.vmware.com/blogs/vmwareinsmb/2010/07/13/esxi-41-scripted-installation-via-pxe-and-kickstart However while adding that feature VMware seems have slightly broken the PXE boot, but […]

  • Gentoo 2007.0

    Gentoo v2007.0 Virtual Machine If you are here, you probably know a bit about Gentoo Linux already, if not Gentoo.org is a good place to start and Gentoo arguably has the best product documentation wiki ever, so it makes sense to look it up, if you run into something. Now about the VM itself. Gentoo […]

  • We have http mirror!!

    Hi All, Thanks to Mark at vr dot org we have a nice fast http download link. Head to gentoo-vm.vr.org for Downloads!! Update: Good news is Mark recently joined VMware :), but the bad news is there is nobody at vr.org to maintain that mirror. So its dead now 🙁 Jay

  • Introduction

    Hi All, This is an attempt to provide the Gentoo user community with a VMware Image to test and get a feel about. This is not a official Release and I’m neither part of or related in any manner with the releng team at Gentoo. Though I do work for VMware, whatever I say or […]