We have http mirror!!

Hi All,

Thanks to Mark at vr dot org we have a nice fast http download link.

Head to gentoo-vm.vr.org for Downloads!!

Update: Good news is Mark recently joined VMware :), but the bad news is there is nobody at vr.org to maintain that mirror. So its dead now 🙁



  1. Hi Bert,

    Thanks for leaving the comment, I do understand the hassle of trying to get p2p working behind a firewall/proxy.

    In any case I’m currently working on a project to get a bit-torrent client working for an http seeding as specified by Michael Burford of GetRight here -> http://www.getright.com/seedtorrent.html . It will also be proxy aware, so this will hope fully solve the problem of downloading these files from behind a corporate firewall/proxy and also protect me from getting fat bills from my web hosting co.

    I’m hoping to host all or at least most of the virtual appliances that do not have a http download link this way.


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