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  • There was some confusion on how to specify multiple dns server ip address or domain search names with the Set-VMHostNetwork cmdlet. Turns out is a simple comma separated list that get treated as a parameter array. Here is an example. Connect-viserver vCenterServerFQDNorIP $ESXiHosts = Get-VMHost foreach ($esx in $ESXiHosts) { Get-VMHostNetwork | Set-VmHostNetwork -DomainName […]

  • Here’s a quick how to add iSCSI send targets on all hosts in your VC Connect-viserver vCenterServerFQDNorIP $targets = “StorageTargetIP1”, “StorageTargetIP2” $ESXiHosts = Get-VMHost foreach ($esx in $ESXiHosts) { $hba = $esx | Get-VMHostHba -Type iScsi | Where {$_.Model -eq “iSCSI Software Adapter”} foreach ($target in $targets) { # Check to see if the SendTarget […]

  • Get command line access with SSH or ESXi Console as user root. Then run the following commands to enable SNMP and configure SNMP v2 community, SysLocation and SysContact. esxcli system snmp set -r esxcli system snmp set -c esxsnmpusr esxcli system snmp set -p 161 esxcli system snmp set -L “California, USA” esxcli system snmp […]

  • As you saw in the previous post, missing ntp configuration on one the vSphere hosts burnt me. I did not want to go through 30 some hosts manually, so decided to bulk update the ntp configuration on all my hosts. After a quick google search i found SnowVM blog post on this. Here is the […]

  • So I installed VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions using the OVF file and logged in management-server and installed the extension, enabled SSO and updated the certificate and tried connecting from vSphere webclient using BDE plugin to connect to the server, it fails with error Please check the server has enabled SSO. I found VMware KB […]