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  1. Greetings

    First, I am so sorry foe this inconvenience. Then, I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know how to install Hyperopt. In fact, I am using anaconda on windows 10 so I tried this instruction to install it as it shows below:

    (C:\Users\Markazi.co\ Anaconda3) C:\Users\Markazi.co>conda install -c jaikumarm hyperopt=0.1
    Fetching package metadata ………..
    Solving package specifications: .

    PackageNotFoundError: Package not found: ” Package missing in current win-64 channels:
    – hyperopt 0.1*

    You can search for packages on anaconda.org with

    anaconda search -t conda hyperopt

    (C:\Users\Markazi.co\ Anaconda3) C:\Users\Markazi.co>conda install -c jaikumarm hyperopt
    Fetching package metadata ………..
    Solving package specifications: ……….

    # All requested packages already installed.
    # packages in environment at C:\Users\Markazi.co\Anaconda3:
    hyperopt 0.0.3.dev py35_0 jaikumarm

    (C:\Users\Markazi.co\ Anaconda3) C:\Users\Markazi.co>

    Although it seems that the packages are installed, this error is reported:

    ImportError: cannot import name ‘hp’

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    1. sorry for the late reply, for some reason this comment got caught in spam.

      I have updated the hyperopt package with 0.1 version both win and linux. can you try that and post back, thanks!

  2. Hello,

    I’m having some issues installing. Previously, I had hyperopt version 0.0.4 installed, and tried to upgrade to 0.1:

    user@GPU6:~/dir$ conda install -c jaikumarm hyperopt=0.1
    Fetching package metadata ………..
    Solving package specifications: .

    Package plan for installation in environment /mnt/data/user/pkgs/anaconda2:

    The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

    future: 0.16.0-py27_1

    The following packages will be UPDATED:

    hyperopt: 0.0.4-py27_0 creditx –> 0.1-0 jaikumarm

    Proceed ([y]/n)? y

    user@GPU6:~/dir$ python
    Python 2.7.12 |Anaconda custom (64-bit)| (default, Jul 2 2016, 17:42:40)
    [GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-1)] on linux2
    Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.
    Anaconda is brought to you by Continuum Analytics.
    Please check out: http://continuum.io/thanks and https://anaconda.org
    >>> import hyperopt
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1, in
    ImportError: No module named hyperopt

    Any idea what happened?

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