I have been meaning to update the linux virtual machine images with newer versions but have been too busy so far, however managed to get a breather at work thanks to the post Holidays slump 🙂 So here is an vm with the latest version of Slackware 64bit v13.1.

Slackware Linux VM Configuration
Distribution: 13.1
Linux Kernel: 2.6.33
Installation Type: Base+X+XFCE
Desktop Environment: XFCE
Networking: DHCP
Root Password: “vmware”

Virtual Machine Configuration
RAM: 1GB (configurable by editing the Slackware64.13.1.vmx file)
Disk: 8.0 GB
Networking: Bridged
VMware Tools: Not Loaded
Monitor Resolution: 1024×768

Download Information
Available in the Downloads page.

File Size: 458 MB
Compression: RAR
MD5SUM a2b61d506c20a966e7c4d1b84a2794e4 * Slackware64.13.1.rar

Hope ya have fun and find the vm useful. Also if there is a specific Linux/Unix distribution vm that you are looking for let me know in the comments and I will see if I can spin one.


5 responses to “Slackware Virtual Machine v13.1”

  1. Uli Avatar

    Thank you very much!!!!

  2. parttime Avatar

    Being a rank amateur at this I can’t get my VirtualBox Manager to see the files that were packed up in your slackware torrent. New is looking for an image, And import an appliance is looking for and OVF file.I would really like to be pointed at the resource where this information resides.

  3. vitriol Avatar

    What is “Login” word? Pass i vmware, but user name is missing 😉 :-\
    Thanx in advance 😉

    1. Jay Avatar

      the username is root, hence the “Root password: vmware”

  4. bobbintb Avatar

    any chance or a 32-bit version of slackware 13.1?

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