Welcome to the downloads area of Jay’s Blog!.

Update: Nov 2015:

I switched the downloads to all http. Thanks Google Drive and Dropbox!!

Original PostGoogle DriveDropbox
Slackware Virtual Machine v13.1Slackware64.13.1.rarSlackware64.13.1.rar

All downloads are primarily delivered using bittorrent. The .torrent files are served locally and tracked via public opentrackers. All torrents are configured for web-seeding so you will never be stuck with an incomplete download.

There is also a direct http link available for each download, please use this only if you absolutely do not have any way of using bittorrent to get the file. if you cannot download and run a client, trybitlet.

VMware Player DownloadVMware Go Free ESXi

Update: Sep 2010:

Thanks to a catastrophic failure during migration from a private server to a shared server, all the site downloads are gone 🙁 I was able to recover all the posts, comments etc, basically everything that was on the database we were able to recover from a db backup, but anything on the filesystem is gone. So all the virtual machine images are gone as well so no more virtual machine downloads 🙁

I will try to spin up a few of the latest gentoo and slackware versions that I have skipped earlier on in the next few weeks and hopefully we will have some downloads then.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you came here looking for quick access to some linux virtual images.