Gentoo 2007.0

Gentoo v2007.0 Virtual Machine

If you are here, you probably know a bit about Gentoo Linux already, if not is a good place to start and Gentoo arguably has the best product documentation wiki ever, so it makes sense to look it up, if you run into something.

Now about the VM itself.

Gentoo Linux Configuration
Distribution: 2007.0
Linux Kernel: 2.6-23-gentoo-r3
Installation Type: Minimal (no Desktop Environment)
Networking: DHCP
User Name/password – none
Root Password: “gentoo”

Virtual Machine Configuration
RAM: 512 MB (configurable by editing the gentoo.vmx file)
Disk: 20.0 GB (sorry I had to err on the side of plenty)
Networking: Bridged
VMware Tools: Loaded
Monitor Resolution: 1024×768

Download Information
Available in the Downloads page.
File Size: 614 MB
Compression: ZIP
MD5SUM 450282ac4ffbebc6a7359718d4ab2a9a *Gentoo.2007.0.rar

This VM is minimal base install. It has the shell and the basic networking installed. Everything else can be custom installed and configured using emerge.

Until then, hope ya have fun with this version.


  1. I have been looking for one of these for a couple days now. Was dreading the install..haha.

    If you still need hosts let me know. I can host one or two of them maybe.

  2. My VMware Player 5.0.1 gets stuck at the very beginning. There’s just a black screen.

    And there’s no info here which VM machine you’ve used to create this.

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