Here is an updated VM having Slackware v11

Slackware Linux Configuration
Distribution: 11
Linux Kernel: 2.4.33
Installation Type: Full
Desktop Environment: XFCE
Networking: DHCP
Root Password: “vmware”

Virtual Machine Configuration
RAM: 256 MB (configurable by editing the slack.vmx file)
Disk: 4.0 GB
Networking: Bridged
VMware Tools: Loaded
Monitor Resolution: 1024×768

Download Information
Available in the Downloads page.

File Size: 852.37 MB
Compression: RAR
MD5SUM bef4bf34e33c1b5dda61bb5ab493d2d8 *slackware11.rar

Hope ya have fun with this version.

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  1. Nefarious Aryq Avatar
    Nefarious Aryq

    I’m getting an error trying to use the current version of VMware Player. It says: “The selected virtual machine cannot be opened because it was created by a version of Workstation before Workstation 4. In order to open it, the virtual machine needs to be upgraded using a recent version of Workstation.”

    Am I doing something wrong? This is all new to me, I’ve never dont this before, but very excited about being able to run Slackware in a VM on my Windows desktop.


  2. jay Avatar

    Hi Aryq,

    Thank you for trying out my VM. Check my comment and the attached vmx file in reply to a similar query earlier.

    the attached vmx file was created in workstation 5 and should work fine with the latest version of the VMware vmplayer.

  3. Kab Avatar


    Many thanks for the build Jayakumar! I really wanted to check this out, especially with XFCE, but the first error I got is the same as Aryq above and then when I tried to use the .vmx file you linked to above, after choosing Linux at LILO boot menu, it just kept loading in the look-alike of 16-bit DOS mode, endlessly.
    After 35 minutes, it came to a halt. Asked for slack11 login, which I hadn’t entered anywhere and don’t know what it is, so I entered ‘root’. Asked for password I entered ‘vmware’.
    Those were successful and it then displayed, something to the effect of “xxxx xxxxx xxxx Adored”. Now since shutting down, it won’t start up again, giving me this error:

    So I used Unlocker, unlocked 3 .vmx.lck files from the directory where all Slackware11 files were and its now started up.
    Next typing ‘startx’ after the login/username loaded up the desktop for me. 😀

    One qs: Are wavy windows and the cube available in XFCE 4.2 or is that in 4.4?

    Thanks for the help.

  4. jay Avatar

    Hi Kab,

    Thanks for the update. Not sure what caused the endless dos loops, will investigate and update here if i find anything.

    The wavy windows and 3d cubes are part of the compwiz/xgl setups, this is currently not possible due to hw restrictions on the vmplayer. We have Workstation beta version which exposes the underlying hardware to the guest there by making these UI enhancements possible.

    It might take sometime before this feature filters down to the vmplayer.

  5. Mihir Avatar

    Hey Jay,
    I downloaded the Slackware 11 RAR file 3 times but when I try to extract it, it gives me a CRC redundancy failure for the second .vmdk file.

    Something wrong with the files ?

  6. Thomaz Avatar

    Nice work.
    I will test
    Can you help me with VMware Tools (Loaded) at this link:

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