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  • Here is an updated VM having Slackware v11 Slackware Linux Configuration Distribution: 11 Linux Kernel: 2.4.33 Installation Type: Full Desktop Environment: XFCE Networking: DHCP Root Password: “vmware”

  • Here is a another VM, this time its a Xen Gentoo VM running inside a VMware Gentoo VM, how about that 😉 VMware Base Gentoo Linux Configuration Distribution: 2006.0 Linux Kernel: 2.6-15-r1 Installation Type: Desktop (KDE) Networking: DHCP User Name/password – none Root Password: “optdlvrs” Gentoo Xen VM inside the Base Gentoo Linux Configuration Distribution: […]

  • Hi, Some versions of the VMware Server and Workstation 5.5.X has a newer version of the tools. To install vmware tools do the following: This can also be followed if you are doing a fresh install of the vmware tools. Also note that this procedure does not follow the Gentoo way of managing packages. So […]

  • Gentoo in a VM

    Gentoo Virtual Machine Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution named after the Gentoo Penguin. It is designed to be modular, portable, easy to maintain, flexible, and optimized for the user’s machine. This is accomplished by building all tools and utilities from source code, although, for convenience, several large software packages are also available as precompiled […]