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  • Okay I have always wanted to own a Mac Pro and that wish only grew more after I bought my Mac Book and the Mini for HTPC duties. I like the OS X interface and recently bought Snow Leopard Family pack to upgrade my laptop and mini and was wondering what to do with my […]

  • Ok, Long time no see.. Was busy with too much work. Got a little bit of free time in the last couple of weeks and was mucking around with some Artifical Neural Network packages out there and ran into an issue with FANN 2.1.0 Beta. I was able to compile and install the core libfann […]

  • Improved Downloads

    I was finally able to find some time to work on this again and have completely reworked the downloads.. All downloads are still primarily delivered using bittorrent. The .torrent files are served locally and but are now tracked via public trackers and not my own. I have moved that tracker server to serve direct http […]

  • I was setting up a small wiki site to track my music collection and track details and was trying to set up short urls like “” instead of “” From all the reading up I did on various forums and wiki’s I was preparing for a long night ahead of me to get this working. […]

  • Over past few months I was constantly either busy or had hectic schedules with almost no time to spare, thanks to my Work, MBA Exams, Field Project and a few development attempts. However this Friday I fell sick with a bout of fever and cold over the weekend and suddenly had loads of time kill […]