Installing Silverlight 3 on Hackintosh

Okay I have always wanted to own a Mac Pro and that wish only grew more after I bought my Mac Book and the Mini for HTPC duties. I like the OS X interface and recently bought Snow Leopard Family pack to upgrade my laptop and mini and was wondering what to do with my Dell Inspiron 530s (the only windows box in the house, ohh btw I do like Windows 7 and is really the best Windows OS Yet ) and decided to dual boot it with OS X.

The hackintosh installation was a bit round about as I had install Leopard first and then use that install Snow Leopard and then update the boot loader to Chameleon rc3 and fix the boot order from the windows with easybcd 2.0 beta. That story is for latter.

Now coming back to the title of this post after I got the setup up and running, I was trying out all my usual apps and when I tried Instant Watch from Netflix, i trt wanted to install Silverlight 3.0. I download the dmg ran the install it said I was running a Power PC and the install failed. I “googled it” and found that the installer is checking for the PC type and is parsing it wrong. So here is the fix.

1. Download the Silverlight DMG file from Microsoft

2. Mount the DMG file (double click it)

3. Copy the pkg file ( Silverlight.3.0.pkg ) to your desktop.

4. Right-click (or ctrl+click) on the .pkg file on your desktop and choose Show Package Contents

5. Browse to: Contents > Resources and then Select the file InstallationCheck.

6. Now you can do either of the following steps:

6a. Right-click the file “InstallationCheck” and choose to Move to Trash This removes the CPU check that prevents the install. OR

6b. Right-click the file”InstallationCheck” and Open it “Other” and Select “TextEdit” App. Then Find and Replace two places where the installer checks for EXIT_VALUE and change the “96+xx” number to zero “0”. Save the File and Exit TextEdit. This will result the install check always returning success.

7. Now close that Finder window and run the .pkg file we just edited. Silverlight should now install without any problems!

The above steps are originally from this tech recipe modified with my suggestions. Hope this helps.


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