Flash Element TD | Novel Concepts – HOWTO

Over past few months I was constantly either busy or had hectic schedules with almost no time to spare, thanks to my Work, MBA Exams, Field Project and a few development attempts.

However this Friday I fell sick with a bout of fever and cold over the weekend and suddenly had loads of time kill and found myself without the tools to do so. I was stuck at my room with a reliable but low speed internet. I started with the best way to waste time as any – Slashdot, Digg and by afternoon managed to run out of options, but just then I stumbled upon this game “Flash Element TD” by David Scott.
Boy its one wicked and addictive game and now on Sunday evening I have not only managed to blow my weekend way but also scored some decent scores for myself.

And a small howto on how to get yourself addicted to this game and score point fast.

Found in a few forums on the net various ways to finish and get high score. The scoreboard always have a few 50,000 points, heard they were got by hacking the game and not playing it. I would think so cause, the highest I got to as of now was 14931!!

Anywas the aim of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. I used what’s refered to as a Fire/Interest/Interest/Interest Technique.. Well’s thats the upgrade path to take to so the towers available to you will depend on the upgrades you select.

Well here’s how I do it, and its all about micro-management 😉

  • Lvl 1-7: Place cannons on the left top corner, first u-turn and the base of the u-turn and upgrade them as necessary.
  • Lvl 8-14: Select the Fire upgrade and start replacing the cannons one by one with Fire Towers.
  • Lvl 15-21: Select the Interest upgrade and start adding Fire Towers as necessary
  • Lvl 21-28: Select the Interest upgrades again and keep adding Fire Towers at stratgic places.
  • Lvl 29-30: Select the Interest upgrade again and add a few more Fire Towers.

Bonus Levels: This where things get scary as the creeps start having hp (health points) in thousands

  • BLvl 1: Add a few more Fire towers and you should be okay (5000hp)
  • BLvl 2: Add a few more, make sure you filled up all the corner slots (7000hp)
  • BLvl 3: Add a few more Fill all the grass that can take a tower with a tower (10000hp)
  • BLvl 4: Start upgrading the Fire towers in the corners and center block to second and third levels (20000hp)
  • Blvl 5: Upgrade almost all the fire towers to second level and the corner ones to third (30000hp).

Thats it, just remember in this game every g saved during the initial levels is about 10 times worth in the later levels as the interest is compounded every level at 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%.
Be wary of the fast ones, they tend to get away faster than you think, add more splash towers in the corners to deal with them.

Good luck, And if you live to tell the tale, well tell the tale 😉 Cheers!!

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