TorrentStats WordPress Plugin!

TorrentStats is an plugin for WordPress blogs. The plugin will help people track statistics for BitTorrent files currently hosted on an external tracker from with in a WordPress blog as an attachment to a post.

The stats appear at the end of each blog post to which an .torrent file is attached to. You can choose how much information/stats to show by selecting or unselecting the options available in the configuration page.

The plugin is currently alpha and but is usable, as you can see in this blog. It is work-in-progress and is subject to extreme changes. However if you can download use and give me some feedback is would be most grateful.

You can download it from here.

Sorry I removed the download as it does not work with the current version of WP

2 responses to “TorrentStats WordPress Plugin!”

  1. haroh Avatar

    hi, i can’t use this plugin. its not workin at all.

  2. jay Avatar

    Sorry haroh, this plugin does not work with the 2.7+ WP, and I don’t have the bandwidth to work on in right now.. will update the post when/if I have get around to it. thanks for your interest though.

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