Was doing a upgrade on my VNX5200 at work, and halfway through the RDP session got disconnected when I connected back the Unisphere client was hung, I knew from the screen that it has gone all the way to the end and was waiting for me to do a post-install commit of the code. but I couldn’t and had to kill the run-away java client. Now I didn’t know how to commit the code, tried restarting the upgrade process, it rightfully said there is nothing to upgrade and exited. Then searched for a few minutes before running into this article https://community.emc.com/thread/123829?start=0&tstart=0 on emc community.

Here is the answer updated to my setup:

1) Log into Unisphere Manager
2) Right-click on array icon (by default, it is the serial number of the array)
3) Choose “Properties”
4) Select the “Software” tab
5) Highlight the package “VNX-Block-Operating-Environment”
6) Click on the “Commit” button


3 responses to “how to commit software upgrade on vnx5200 with unisphere manager”

  1. Florence Rini Avatar
    Florence Rini

    Thanks for your post it helped me

  2. Ge-M Avatar

    is there a reboot after clicking the “commit” button?

    1. Jay Avatar

      You should be able to right click on the SP(A/B) and reboot. There is no full reboot, its by design, by reboot one SP at a time you should be able effectively fully reboot the array while keeping io flowing.
      See https://www.dell.com/community/CLARiiON/Restarting-a-Storage-Processor/td-p/7021452 for some discussion.

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